Cloistered Above the Clouds – Journey to Norikura’s Hidden Landscape

The peak of Mt. Norikura is dotted with ponds formed in ancient times from volcanic activities. Among these ponds, located in a place where people usually cannot tread, is the mysterious collection of bodies of water, Gonoike Pond. As the name implies, five beautiful surfaces are suspended across the immense plain, fascinating visitors. For a fleeting period of time in the summer, the plantlife blooms in an instant, and the grand landscape, having undergone tremendous change, seems like paradise.

Experience Provider 

Nohi Bus

Tour Location

Norikura’s peak (Tatamidaira) – Gonoike Pond area

Available in

August 4 (Sat), 11 (Sat), and 12 (Sun)

Experience Length

Takayama Departure: approx. 9 hours



Price (with tax)

  • Takayama Departure:
    Adults ¥12,000 / Person
    Children 6–13 ¥9,600 / Person
  • Hirayu/Honoki Departure:
    Adults ¥10,000 / Person
    Children 6–13 ¥8,600 / Person

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Experience Details

Reservation terms

Until 3 days before

Included in price

Round-trip bus fare, Kengamine Peak guided tour, lunch box

Additional Fees


Guide Accompanied Tour

A guide who is knowledgeable about Norikura will accompany you from Mt. Norikura’s peak (Tatamidaira)


The trek will start at the peak, Tatamidaira, at an elevation of 2,702 m. Participants should be able to walk approximately 5 km. We ask that those with heart conditions do not participate.


English available for reservations and registration matters.


Ages 6 and up

Minimum Participants


Where to meet

Takayama Nohi Bus Center, Honoki Daira Bus Terminal, and Hirayu Hot Springs



・Please wear clothes and shoes appropriate for walking. (Sneakers are permissible, but due to rocky slopes, trekking shoes are ideal. Hats, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, and towels are also recommended.)
・The walk will begin at an elevation of 2,702 m. The weather on the mountain can change suddenly, and even in the summer, the temperature can be around 10°C. Be sure to bring cold-weather wear and rain gear.
You will be taken up to 2,702 m by bus. In order to prevent altitude sickness, walk to the top slowly.